Revamp your Resume - entry level

Revamp your Resume - entry level


Your CV is your first impression. So in order to land that job interview, it’s important your CV captures all your skills and capabilities as a professional. Need help writing a CV that will WOW your potential employers?

The entry level CV is perfect if you're a recent graduate and in the first 2 years ( 0 - 2) of your career.

CV includes:

  • personal statement

  • education & qualifications

  • employment history

  • job/career responsibilities

  • professionals skills

  • portfolio’s (max 3 examples of your work)

  • layout & design

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Additional Info


  • Submission of current CV and work information

  • CV writing + design (1-3 days)

  • CV reveal + feedback session (email)

  • CV edits (if needed, based on feedback)

  • Second CV reveal

All CV's are delivered in an MS Word & PDF Format

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