5 Must-Have Items Every Career Girl Needs To Have In Her Wardrobe


“I know what to wear!” Said no girl ever!

Finding the right outfit for a particular occasion can sometimes be quite challenging. Whether you’re going for a job interview, business meeting or just grabbing some lunch with a friend – There are some essential clothing items that will always make you look smart and that you can’t afford to miss in your wardrobe.

1. A white blouse


Every girl needs to own a white blouse -  It’s great to wear for both formal and informal occasions.


2. Pantsuit


Going to a business meeting? You never go wrong with a fitted black, grey or navy blue pantsuit.


3.  Trenchcoat


Probably one of the most iconic clothing items you can have in your closet – Definitely a must have if you are going for an all-day corporate look.


4.  A plain black top


Literally goes… and can be combined with everything! The perfect choice for every girl that is going something comfortable, yet fashionable.

5. Blazer


Definitely a must have; great to wear with a pencil skirt, trousers or jeans if you’re going for a smart-casual look.



Sarah Johnson is a marketing professional and Founder & Editor of Corporate Career Girl. She is passionate about empowering career girls in the workplace, and helping them to bridge the gap between university and the corporate environment.