About us

Corporate Career Girl is an award-winning career platform founded in May 2016.

We are on a daily mission to empower and equip career girls from different backgrounds with the right career resources and tools to succeed in the corporate workplace.

We love and encourage the fact that there are many platforms focused on becoming successful in the creative industry. However, we do understand that, before you can commit to your side hustle and chase after your dreams, you start from somewhere… and let’s be honest, most of us start in the corporate workplace/environment – And that’s where we come in!

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and encourage career girls like yourself to own the corporate workplace with confidence. Whether you’re learning how to balance a full-time job and chasing your dreams at the same time, to dealing with workplace issues, we are here for you.

We discuss it all and we will gladly be your support system.

Our Founder

“When I just started my corporate journey, I struggled to find a platform that I could fully relate to. I had experienced quite some challenges in the workplace as a recent grad. From learning how to deal with office politics to office bullying and in the end how to own the workplace without losing who I was. So I started documenting my career journey and that was the beginning of Corporate Career Girl “

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Corporate Career Girl is an online career magazine and community for millennial girls in the workplace. Our aim is the inspire and encourage career girls of all backgrounds to be confident in the workplace.

Want to share your career story? We would love to hear all about it.

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